Friday, 13 August 2010

Like why cant everyone smile?

So yesterday while on my lunch break I decided to do something to make myself happy. I though of a few things, but while walking by a shoe store it came to me, SHOES! I browsed the shoes and came across a brand named TOMS. I am sure many of you have heard of them before as had I, but never tried on a pair. When you buy a pair of Toms a pair of shoes is also given to a needy child somewhere in the world. So after trying on a couple of pairs, I bought a navy pair of slip-ons. I ended up making myself smile and also made a child somewhere in the world smile too. Why cant more brands do this?

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  1. Lots of companies now are pairing up with online things to give back every time you buy from them or do online activities. GoodSearch is one...if you use GoodSearch instead of Google you can select your favorite charity that will then get a donation every time you use GoodSearch as your search engine. Catholic Charities Atlanta happens to be one you can select... ;) Also, they have GoodShop, which does the same thing when you make purchases online. 30% of your purchase total is donated to the charity of your choice. It's great because you can do something good without it costing you an extra penny. I'll see if I can find some more of those online companies that donate when you make purchases...